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Timely News

  • Ed Slik has free time!
    April 2011
    We are happy to announce Ed Slik has joined The Free Time Band. Ed replaces Don Lennox.

    Ed's a great Bass Player and sings too! We're looking forward to adding his repertoire to our line up over the next few months.


  • Don Lennox, we had a great time!
    April 2011
    Don Lennox had been a free timer for a couple of great years. He has since rejoined his old buddy in the Ray Roper Project (and they are outstanding).

    Don made a great contribution to our group & we are gunna miss him. Still, he may be popping in and out of free time as time allows.


  • Pete Soet needs some time!
    August 2009
    After many years with Free Time, Pete has moved on from the band. Pete's a great guy. Although his energy & spirit will be missed, Pete does sit in with the band from time to time and plays special occasions.


  • Patrick Maas has no free time!
    March 2009
    It's with a heavy heart that we say farewell to our Bass Player & great buddy Patrick. Due to his busying life & lack of free time, he cannot continue with the band.

    We're gunna miss ya buddy!