The Free Time Band


Live Music for Good Times                   

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Why the book the Band?

...Nothing is like a live musical performance. It is alive with energy that will draw your guests into the party. Live music at your special event will be a truly enjoyable & memorable occasion.

What songs does the Band play?

...A variety of music styles & a large repertoire. Check out a list of tunes here.

Do you play requests?

...We do our best to accommodate requests. If there is a special song you'd like, feel free to ask in advance & we will make ever effort to play it for you.

What does the Band sound like?

Have a listen for yourself here!

Do I need special equipment?

...Generally Free Time will provide a Sound System, Lights & even lighting effects (if required & appropriate for your event). We will consult with you in advance to make sure your event is covered.

How do the musicians dress?

...Attired as appropriate to the occasion. From "Formal" to "Beach Party", it's your event so you let us know.

Do I have to MC?

...Although most hosts want to make announcements, (if you are shy) you are not required to speak at all. The Free Time Band can make announcements & is happy to be your spokesman. (You will however need to provide Crib notes! Ha!!!)

Is my get together too small?

...We're versatile & can entertain your house or garden guests with back ground or dinner music.

Is my Party too big?

...The Band can entertain your guests with a full ensemble as well as a Sound & Lighting Crew to make your event really sizzle.

How about playing outdoors?

...We typically bring a sun awing for outdoor events however do require a suitable dry deck & power.

Weather is always a concern & our appearance is subject to everyone's safety& the ability to provide quality music. Generally, this means we need full shade & protected from rain.

How much does an appearance cost?

...Cost depends upon what's involved. Give us a call or send us an email & we will be happy to give you a quote.

How do I book?

...Tell us what your event is about. We'll propose a Free Time Band appearance & quote. If the date is available a small deposit is requested to reserve the date.